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What is a Birth Doula? A birth doula is a trained professional who provides support to families by providing information, helping them navigate their choices, physical labor support and emotional support throughout the perinatal period.

What is a Postpartum Doula? A postpartum doula is a trained professional who nurtures the entire postpartum family to navigate the postpartum period by providing information, lactation/feeding support, reassurance and encouragement, and household support.

What are the benefits of having a Doula for the birthing person? According to the American Pregnancy Association(APA)many studies have documented the benefits of having a doula. Patients with a present support from a doula were less likely to have interventions such as a cesarean, and pain relief medication. Women also report having a much positive childbirth experience. Moreover, studies have shown the decrease of  cesarean by 50%, the use of an epidural by 25%, and the length of labor by 25%. Other studies have shown that having a doula as a member of their birth team, decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%, the length of labor by 25%, the use of oxytocin by 40%, and request for an epidural by 60%. Furthermore,  doulas  improve racial disparities by ensuring that pregnant people who are at greatest risk of discrimination and mistreatment in the medical system receive the additional support they require.

What effects does the presence of a doula have on babies? 

Studies show that babies born with a doula present tend to have shorter hospital stays with fewer admissions to special care nurseries, breastfeed more easily and have more successful bonding with mothers during the postpartum period. 

Will a doula make my partner feel unnecessary?

No, a doula is a support person to both the birthing person and her partner. On the contrary, doulas play a crucial role in helping partners become more involved in the birth.

What can I expect during a postpartum shift?

Anything from breastfeeding/bottle feeding support, newborn care (i.e. bathing, diaper changing, soothing techniques), nutritious snack/meal prep, light housekeeping tasks (i.e. throwing in a load of laundry, washing dishes), and more. The doula also helps by normalizing postpartum experiences through active listening as new parents express any fears, challenges, and successes. 

Are doulas covered by insurance? Unfortunately, doulas are not covered by insurance yet.

Who needs a Doula? EVERY pregnant person! Pregnancy and childbirth can be extremely overwhelming and confusing, having physical and emotional help can make the transition less challenging. I’m here for YOU and  whatever your needs are.

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